Congregational Care Team

“Each of us is a vital thread in another person’s tapestry;

Our lives are woven together for a reason.”

We feel we are called to “carry one another’s burdens’ – Galatians 6:2a.  The team meets on alternate months to coordinate and facilitate care, recognize needs and concerns to utilize the resources God has provided within our church family and community to assist members of our congregation.

Areas of Ministry:

Bereavement (Stephen Ministry) / Crisis:

Provide copies of the Journeying through Grief series to families following the loss of a loved one. We have 2 commissioned Stephen Ministers.  For more information on Stephen Ministry please see their individual page on this website.

Card Ministry:

Sympathy, Thinking of You, Get Well, Birthday, etc. cards are sent to members. “We Prayed for You Today” inserts are included for those we pray for during our meetings.

Connection Ministry:

Welcome Bags and an Welcome Cards available at both services.  Follow up calls and cards are done by a CCT member plus the pastor.

Compassions Meals:

Following a death, meals are provided according to the wishes of the family.  UMW and the women’s circles work closely to insure support is provided for family and friends.

Homebound Care – Visitation:

Team members have “care receivers” they contact and visit regularly.  Communion is provided during Holy Weeks at Christmas and Easter for these members.

Minor Fix-Its – Home Repair:

United Methodist Men and our youth work with this area.  They will encourage their team members to be available for different activities.  Projects have included house repair, yard work, bed flipping, or changing bulbs.  They also assist the Trustees with handyman projects around the church.

Missing In Action:

Calls and cards are sent to members who are missed or who have moved away but are still church members to let them know they are important to our church.

Phone & Email Prayer Chain:

A prayer chain via phone plus email is for celebrations and concerns to keep members informed.

Respite Ministry:

John’s Place Adult Daycare provides a twice weekly daycare for adults.  Many of our team members are volunteers to help assist with the important ministry.  For more information on John’s Place please see their individual page on this website.