John’s Place Adult Day Care Ministry

 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus of Nazareth  (Matthew 11:28)

 John’s Place provides fun socialization for senior family members!

John’s Place provides respite for caregivers who are taking care of an elderly person. Caregivers are able to have a couple of days a week to themselves, giving them a break. Our mission is to meet the social and emotional needs of older adults and their caregivers. We provide activities and socialization opportunities outside the home in a safe and caring setting for older adults including those with mild to moderate memory loss. Participants are assisted by trained and caring volunteers that will ensure your loved one has a positive and loving experience.
A typical day at John’s Place includes gardening, music, arts and crafts, exercise, reading and lunch. We have planted flowers in the pots in front of the church and water them on the days we are there. Participants exercise several ways: walking, exercises with 1 lb. bean bags or leg and arm stretches, throwing a ball to each other, providing hand and eye coordination. Word searches and crossword puzzles provide mental stimulation and are a lot of fun. Any holiday is used for a program that includes a written description of that holiday, and some form of word searches or fill in the blanks.
Lunch is served about 11:30. Craft time is usually after lunch. We have done some really fun and cute things. A few of the things we have made are: a bird out of paper plates, flowers made from water colored coffee filters, decorated our door with things pertinent to the time of year, filled Mason jars with cookie and soup ingredients, Christmas presents for the families. Once a month we bake cookies, muffins or some kind of dessert. Our day usually ends with music. Several volunteers come in, and we sing “oldies but goodies” songs and hymns, which makes for a happy way to end the day. We invite you to come to John’s Place any Tuesday or Thursday and see how much fun we have.


What John’s Place is all about! 

Daily Activities

10:00am           Participants arrive, Morning coffee and snack

10:30am           Devotional

11:15am           Morning exercises – body & mind

12:00pm           Lunch

1:00pm             Activities including armchair games, pet therapy, arts & crafts, & outside  entertainment.

2:00pm             Sing along and dancing

3:00pm             Participants leave for home.



Days and Hours of Operation

Tuesday and Thursday

10am – 3pm

Closed on major holidays

Cost:   $35 per day


Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission may vary according to participants needs.

Initial phone interview, followed by an onsite interview with the director. 

A $40 registration fee is due upon acceptance into the program.

(Scholarships are now available to those who express a need.  The amount will be determined at the time of the admission interview.)



Staff Profile

Helen Sanderson, Director is trained by The Alzheimer’s Association and is certified in CPR/First Aid.

*Volunteers have received onsite training and continuing education.




Barnesville First United Methodist Church

375 Thomaston Street

Barnesville, GA 30204


Helen Sanderson

Program Director

Barnesville, GA 30204


 Caregivers’ Support

Caregivers have many questions and concerns.  If you would like to meet with a counselor trained by the Alzheimer’s Association to answer your questions and provide information, or just to lend a listening ear, please contact the church office at 770-358-1494.